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In today’s day and age, we look for diversity in everything we see around us. Amidst all this, if there’s something unique, it is likely to catch our eyes. Photo editing enables you to do just that. There is no limit to the effects that you can bring into a simple photograph with the editing tools you have at your disposal. You can enhance any photo to look and feel more vibrant and appealing with the help of a photo editor.

All photo editors offer basic features like adjusting brightness, color hue, contrast, sharpness adjustment, red-eye removal, and image cropping among others. Polarr Photo Editor is no different.

Polarr Photo Editor Review: All You Need to Know

What is Polarr?

Polarr is said to be one of the best free photo editors. The application is free to use and is accessible through iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook, Polarr is often used for deep color correction. It is also commonly used for making basic adjustments to the skin of the face. Polarr has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface than the more complex features of programs like Photoshop.

Features of Polarr

  • When you start using Polarr, the first thing you will notice is the image import function and the user interface. Polarr can easily import large jpeg files and open them without any problems.
  • Polarr has a fairly user-friendly interface. The left side of the screen has the tools: retouch, filters, text tool, crop, and overlays.
  • Perhaps, the wide array of available ‘filters’ is the most used feature of Polarr. An additional menu is opened up when you select filters. The filters you often use are shown at the top of the list. There is a semi knob through which you can adjust the filter to your preference. Apart from this, you can select a filter manually from an even wider list.
  • The ‘text tool’ in Polarr is pretty well built. It can be used to add texts, shapes, dividers, and presets to your edits. You can easily create or sign a watermark using the “Add text” option without having to rely on external third-party software. Besides, the tool comes with a huge selection of ready-to-use fonts for you to choose from. You can also use fonts that you have downloaded and installed.
  • Another feature is that you can adjust the transparency of the text using the “Opacity” slider. It can prove to be quite useful.
  • ‘Retouch’ is the first tool on the list and the one that you will probably be using most frequently. The main editing begins with this tool. You can adjust the skin tone with the help of a brush by highlighting or by placing a square. You can add shadows or choose to lighten certain sections of the image. You can also try making the background blurry to focus on the object in front.
  • There are quite a few preset overlays in Polarr. Even though the use of this tool is quite controversial when it comes to photo retouching, it can be used if you want to add a bit of something extra to your images, something that sets you apart from others.
  • ‘Distort’ is a tool that not all photo editors offer. You can correct your framing with this tool. It provides three sliders that can be screwed or unscrewed to align the image. The tool can also be used to make a special bulge if you need it.
  • The ‘Mask’ feature is useful because it gives you precise control over selected parts of the image. If you select this tool, you can use a brush to select the area you want to edit and then go forward with fixing the color of the selected portion.

Plans and Pricing

Polarr is free-to-use editing software. But it also has a subscription model. If you sign up for the Monthly Plan, you would be billed $3.99 per month. But if you choose to sign up for the whole year, the Yearly plan will cost you $2.49 per month.

After subscribing, you unlock the ‘pro’ features that include depth mask, brush mask, radial mask, fine-tuning tools like blur, feathering, invert, blending, and many more. The pro features also come with premium filters with the added benefit of backing up and restoring custom filters.

How to Edit a Photo in Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr photo editor is a tool everyone including beginners can easily use. If you want to use Polarr to edit your images, you need to decide which version you want to use since Polarr is available across all formats.

  • When you start the program, the first thing you need to do is import the image you want to edit. Next, you can adjust your brightness as this is the foundation for the rest of your theme. Then there are loads of filters to choose from; the filters are subtle and come with amazing color tones.
  • You can then move on to adjusting the contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and other such effects to get the perfect light in your photos. If you are not quite sure about the colors you already have in the image, you can choose to add new colors from the color section.
  • You can choose to retouch your photo to get rid of any blemishes. If you want to, you can choose also from the different overlays available in Polarr, The text tool will let you add your own watermark in the images. Lastly, you might want to crop or adjust the perspective of your image using the Crop tool.
  • When you are done editing, just save the photo.

How to Download and Install Polarr for Windows 10

Even though Polarr photo editor is usable on your browser in the Web version, you might want to have it downloaded and ready to use on your PC.

Go to Polarr’s home page; you will see a list of platforms the editor is available on. Then, if you select Windows, you will be taken to a new window showcasing all the features of Polarr including its subscription plan. At the top of the page, you will see a ‘Download’ button. Press that and the download should start automatically.

PROS and CONS of Polarr

There are some aspects of the Polarr photo editor that sets it apart from other editing software. Alongside those, there are some limitations to the software as well.


  • There is a wide variety of tools
  • Accessible across all platforms
  • Easy to put watermarks
  • You can compare “before” and “after versions of the edit
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection
  • Supports large JPEG images


  • Subscription is expensive compared to alternatives
  • Doesn’t support raw files
  • Does not support third-party plugins


Final Thoughts

Polarr Photo Editor is a free application for basic editing usage. There are additional features you can pay for but the basic features are enough for someone who is looking to edit their photos. Polarr has a great set of tutorials that make learning the software easy for beginners. This is because it has a very streamlined and clean design. The wide range of filters to choose from is definitely a plus point.

Polarr, in every sense, is simple but can not be a replacement for Photoshop. If you can look past the limitations and make use of the features it has, then Polarr can be your go-to choice.

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