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Editing is in trend now. Everyone wants to make their pictures as beautiful as possible to share on several social media platforms. Thus, you’ll find a lot of editing tools on the internet to make people’s wishes come true, and today we’ll talk about one of the most excellent and most popular editing tools, LunaPic. 

What is the LunaPic online photo editor?

Lunapic is one of the first-class online picture graph modifying equipment with numerous capabilities. It will assist you in exchanging your pix and cause them to behave in the manner you need. Dozens of results and filters could make your snapshots even more appealing. When we speak about editing, Photoshop Express and PicMonkey come to mind first. But there’s some other famous and splendid photo editing tool, Lunapic. Photo editing is the fashion of this era.

No need to install the software

As LunaPic is a web-based tool, there is no need to install the software. Good internet connectivity is all you need, and your job is done without the device eating your space.

Features of LunaPic

Upload images:

One won’t require registration with Lunapic to edit your photos. For image uploads, there are several ways to do it. First, you can view the image directly from your device. Then Lunapic allows you to add photos from the URL. You can also add pictures to Lunapic from social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also upload photos from other apps such as Picas, Dropbox, and Chrome browser extensions. Finally, you can also save and use images from your Lunapic account. Simply create a free account with Lunapic and add and edit as many photos as you need.

LunaPic collage maker:

There is also a simple collage maker. As many as nine photos can be selected for the collage. Then select the image resolution. 

 You can also create collages with image effects. Choose from a long list of motion blur, thermal, negative, cartoon, and more. 

 Select the desired image effect in the collage. The frame of the composition has this effect. The provider recommends that you leave up to four set impacts for each collage. But of course, if you want, you can be as wild as that.

Sharing is caring:

The LunaPic follows the quote, ‘Sharing is caring,’ a lot. It makes it very easy to share pictures on all social media platforms without facing any hurdles. All you have to do is. Simply add a caption to your photo and select a platform to share your work with. That’s all you have to do. Just click Lunapic to share.

Other Features

LunaPic offers a vast range of exciting filters that make your photos brighter and a lot better than the original ones. Whether you are modifying your brand’s photo or adding filters to a selfie, LunaPic is your best option for photo editing. Here are some advanced features of the app:

  • Upload up to 10 pictures at once
  • Use the tool without having to sign up
  • compatible with different picture formats
  • Use anonymously
  • uploads photos quickly
  • dozens of filters and effects for the best editing
  • Make memes or informative content
  • compatible with all computers
  • save the photos to your computers or upload them directly on social media
  • easy-to-use interface
  • Help and support is available for those who can’t understand its functions

How to edit a photo in LunaPic?

A significant thing to know with a LunaPic photo editor is that it’s free of cost. First-class editing is done with zero expenses. Lunapic lets you edit your snapshots with special editing tools. When you add a picture to Lunapic, you may first be requested to crop or resize the picture.

If you are willing to crop or resize the image, click on the button and make the vital adjustments. You can upload only the photo with dimensions 1400 * 2100. When you add a picture with a higher length, Lunapic will automatically resize it.

The homepage has all of the tools needed to edit your snapshots. After adjusting the scale and cropping the picture, pick any choice from Adjust, Draw, Frame, Filter, Effect, Art, or Animation. LunaPic allows you to cut your images a number of times as you wish and in different shapes, unlike the usual square and rectangles.

A textual content overlay is first-class in Lunapic. It has numerous alternatives. You can also add colors and patterns and animate them. When you change the textual content settings, the adjustments to the textual content are automatically previewed. Text overlays are used on images published on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram and are frequently used while sending a message with pictures.

You can also add effects and filters to make your pictures more appealing. You’ll fone several effects and filters with neon, rainbow, negative, charcoal, embossing, and lens flare. Effects consist of three-D cubes, tilt shifts, blends of pix, custom collages, Obama fashion posters, cartoons, coloring books, artistic beauty, smoke, graffiti, tattoos, smoke, splash, flames, and more. There is likewise an effect. 

Lunapic additionally gives lumps and stain removers that paint very well. It will assist you in taking away scratches and beautifying your picture. Finally, Lunapic’s body characteristic lets you feature several backgrounds and body patterns for your snapshots, including photograph frames.

The above features are only the essential tools offered by LunaPic. In addition, here are some special editing tools provided by Lunapic.

The first is the image border option. Next, Lunapic’s frame feature allows you to add a variety of backgrounds and frame styles to your photos, including picture frames, cell phone photos, dollar bills, polaroids, tint frames, and snowflake frames. It also includes Warhol, Kaleidoscope, Lego, pencil sketches, and many advanced effects from the look of the famous campaign poster. These features are free, but other online photo editing programs have this feature but with a premium tag. Another advanced feature of the Lunapic is animation. You can also add animated objects and animated text to your photos. In addition, it provides many animated effects such as cute rainbows, water drops, snowfall, nervous effects, and scary / horror effects.

How to remove background from an image using LunaPic transparent background tool?

  1. First, access the transparent background tool by clicking on the menu edit button then clicking on Transparent background.
  2. Next, the background of the image should be clicked if you want transparency or remove it.
  3. That’s it; your job is done. LunaPic gives you the image as per your instructions.

Pros of LunaPic

  • Zero expense on editing
  • Very accessible
  • Easy to understand
  • Web-based service, reducing the pain of installing
  • No limitations on editing tools and bug-free
  • A variety of filters and effects to choose and apply
  • Text overlays 
  • Animation effects
  • Easy to share just by one-click

Cons of LunaPic

  • No innovation in designs
  • Issues while facing larger dimensions of images
  • The page always refreshes every time you click on any button 
  • Time-consuming


Final Word

Not everyone wants everything to look perfect. And not everyone wants to use a professional photo editing tool like Adobe Photoshop. 

There is a lot of love for homemade graphics on the ancient internet.  

 Finally, it can be good to be anachronistic. But, on the other hand, it’s always great to breathe fresh air. For this reason, LunaPic appears to exist for all possibilities.

The conclusion is that editing is an art. To encourage the editing skill of people who cannot afford all the costs, LunaPic is here. It has many practical and efficient features. Lunapic makes it easy to edit and share your photos. However, many other photo editing tools can produce far better results than Lunapic. But it’s completely free and has some great features so you can try it out. LunaPic is a free tool giving you a taste of premium editing features and helping you out in all ways to create a kick-ass picture, which could be shared across all social media platforms with so much ease. 

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