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All you need to know about Skribbl io

If there is anything that rose in popularity during the pandemic, it will be online multiplayer games. As people could not go outdoors and hang out with their favorite persons or friends, creative and fun online games and have become the norm.

With the rising popularity, many developers have created interactive multiplayer games. But none of them could rise to the hype of Skribbl IO. And we are going to talk about why. So, without any further ado, let us dive right in.

What is Skribbl Io?

Skribbl io is a multiplayer guessing and drawing game, where players can put their wit and creativity to the test. Every game of Skribbl io consists of a fixed number of rounds. 2 or more people can participate in each round and one of them has to draw the word that is shown on the screen.

Each round the player who is drawing can choose one word out of three random options on the game. After the player draws the image, other players have to guess the word within a fixed time limit. The person who guesses the correct answer first gets the highest point. And the more people guess the word, the highest the point is for the player who drew.

After each round, another person will be chosen to draw. And when all the rounds end, the player with the highest points wins the game.

Features of skribbl io

The art feature of the game Skribbl io is the most unique concept of the game. But that is not all that this online web app has to offer. Let us take a look at some of the most noteworthy features of Skribbl io in a flash.


The first feature of Skribbl io we want to talk about is the chat room. The platform has its unique chatroom where players can not only guess the word but also can use it to chat and banter with other players. From sharing useful info on the guess to providing hints, the chatroom offers all you need to communicate across the table.

Multiplayer system

The greatest thing about Skribbl Io is its multiplayer features. You can host a game and share the link to the game with anyone you want via text, chat, or mail. Anyone with the game link will be able to join the party and play the drawing game with you.

But you can also choose to play the game with random players online if you want.

Voting system

If you are worried about encountering rude people during the game, Skribbl has a solution to that as well. The in-game chatroom also has a voting system that can be used to vote someone out of the lobby, hence the game. If the majority of the players in the game find someone wrong, trolling, or drawing rude pictures then a simple vote can kick them out.

Creating your avatar and name

Whenever you join the Skribbl io lobby, you will have to create your avatar. You can choose and customize your avatar or select any avatar in the random form in the game. You also can put your gamer tag or name in the lobby if you want to be private about your usual name.

Note that Skribbl does not collect any form of information from the user.

How to use Skribbl? [Step by step guide]

Step 1:

Go to the skribbl official website. You will be greeted with a webpage like the one given below.

Skribbl io 1

Step 2:

Enter your name and customize your avatar. You can choose three customization options,

  • Skin color.
  • Eyes.
  • Face.

Also, choose the language you want to play. Depending on the choice, the game will show you relevant words.

Skribbl io 2

Step 3:

If you want to create a room to play with your friends, you can click on create room. A link will be generated which you can send to your friends to join the private game. But if you want to play with random people on the server. Simply click on play, and you are good to go.

Step 4:

Once the game starts, you have to guess the word from the drawing of other players. Once you are done guessing you can type it in the chat. If the answer is correct, you will get points and other players will not be able to see the answer. But in case you are wrong, your chat will be visible to everyone.

Skribbl io 3

Step 5:

On the drawing round, choose from 3-word options on the top and start drawing the item. The round will end once everyone guessed the word you drew or when the time ends.

PROS and CONS of Skribbl io

Let us look at some of the good and bad sides of Skribbl io.


  • Easy to play.
  • No explanation need.
  • A good way to spend time.
  • Practice drawing as you play.
  • Increase vocabulary.


  • Hard to play without a mouse.
  • The smartphone interface is difficult to type in.


Final Word

Skribbl io is one of the most fun and interactive multiplayer online drawing game that you can play with friends. It does not take any skill or extra grinding to play. And you can try the game out and leave whenever you want.

So try Skribbl out today.

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