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iPiccy is a no-cost online editor of images and collage maker that includes a range of tools that anyone, even people with little knowledge of editing and photography, can utilize easily. Editing images with professional software is a task that requires a significant amount of time and an extensive knowledge base. However, online image editors are fast alternatives for people looking to edit their photos easily and creatively. They’re also ideal for editing jobs that require quick time, such as changing the size of photos or even removing backgrounds even if you’re new to the field.

What is iPiccy?

iPiccy can be described as an internet-based collage maker, photo editor, and graphic design platform that allows you to create any art easily. The program includes various editing tools, all of which can be used right in the browser. The user can automatically adjust the image with just one click and then adjust the photo’s crop, rotation, and size in just a few minutes. Additionally, users can select and apply 100+ effects for photos. The program also includes integrated frames, photo enhancement tools, and a collection of tools for retouching that enhance the editing of photos to a new height. It is possible to work in creating collages with its unique and easy collage maker. It has a variety of templates, and it is easy to make adjustments that make creating collages much more simple and enjoyable. It is easy to change templates or add background size, color, or size and apply various effects to create an absolute masterpiece with just only a few clicks. The online editing platform provides graphic design tools of high quality that let users add textual content that has incredible effects and produce unique designs that can be used for any purpose. iPiccy is simple to work with and can do well for professionals as well as novices.

Features of iPiccy

  • Effects and Filters
  • Import from web
  • Auto Select
  • Transform tools
  • Revision Control
  • Import-Export Option
  • Text Tool
  • Batch Editing
  • Enhancement Tools
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Remove objects
  • Built-in Templates

How to edit a photo in iPiccy?

The iPiccy website provides advanced image editing tools on computers. It has features similar to Adobe Photoshop; the free platform also has simpler options like applying beauty effects, color filters such as double exposure effect textures, and border simulation of frames. The site also offers deep adjustments to the color parameters like hue, saturation, and temperature and shares the finalized files on Facebook.

To take advantage of the features of iPiccy, you have to sign up for an account. Certain effects are made available only when you sign into the platform, which is simple and speedy.

Step 1. Go to the iPiccy website (ipiccy.com) and click the “Edit a Photo” option. to start the tool to edit photos for iPiccy Photos

ipiccy home page interface

Step 2. Select the “Open” link to see the options of fonts to upload images. In this case, we’ll use”My Computer” as the “My computer” option. But, it is also possible to download images from the internet or create a photo using the webcam on your PC or make edits on blank images.

Key service tools

Step 1. Choose the first icon from the options bar located on the left-hand edge of your screen. Then select “Crop Picture“.The tool lets you cut an area of an image with the help of manual parameters in “Actual Dimensions” and by simply dragging the indications of the crop across the photo. You must confirm the modifications by clicking the “Apply” option.

ipicchy image crop tool

Step 2. In the same area of editing options, click “Colors” to alter the temperature and saturation of the image.

Step 3. “Hue and Saturation” Utilize the sliders to alter the hue or saturation of the color, as well as the brightness parameters.

Step 4. Select the magic wand to see the filter options. If you choose one, it is possible to alter parameters to increase or decrease the effect of the image.

Step 5. The session will also display different vintage-style filters which have personal names. To apply these filters, click their names, and after adjusting using the slider, click by clicking the “Sign in “Sign Sign In” button.

Step 6. Then you can click on the word “New user? Register today! “;

Step 7. Transfer your information from the Facebook profile by selecting the “Sign in using Facebook” button, typing the email you used to sign up, and then creating your password. Make sure you are following the terms and conditions of the service, and then click “Create Account“.

Step 8. Select the Face icon to open the options for beautifying your selfie. Wrinkle Remover can be used to remove wrinkles and spots on the face. The first step is to select the tool, then place the brush.

Step 9. Place the mouse’s pointer on the stain that you would like to get rid of and press the direct button to activate the tool to take it off;

Step 10. Choose the frame icon to see the border options. Select any of them and apply them. The website even lets users make adjustments to alter the look before saving it;

Step 11. Choose the final icon on the options bar to view the models of texture. Select an icon to use the model. You can then use the options to alter the level and intensity of the result.

Step 12. After you have finished editing click the “Save” option at the bottom of your screen. Select “Save” and then the “My Computer” option to save the file to your personal computer. You can also post the photo with the profile of your Facebook account or download it in your Facebook gallery of photos – accessible only to registered users of the iPiccy app.

How to make photo collages using iPiccy?

The Toolbox will consist of a series of articles that will go one-by-one through the features available within iPiccy Photo Editor and talk about the strengths, the weaknesses, and the appropriate time to utilize these tools. How you do a photo collage is discussed below.

Before we get started, however, we’ll go through the steps to create collages.

Do you want to make a Collage?

Step 1. Open iPiccy.

Step 2. Click to create a collage and let local storage (don’t be concerned, this will make the uploading of multiple photos much easier!)

Step 3. Select the roundness and spacing. This is the distance between the images you choose to use and the clarity of the borders of your photos.

Step 4. Select you’re resolution/proportions; you can do this at the top left, where it says Proportions. It is also possible to select it in the middle, under Custom Size. The resolution you choose will depend upon the place you’ll be showing the collage. If you’re planning to share the collage on Facebook, We have an outline of Facebook resolutions.

Step 5. After that, upload your images using the Add Images button in the upper left. I would suggest uploading more than you’ll need because you’re unsure which will end up in the college and which ones won’t.

Step 6. Choose your Layout, and you’re all set. Remember that if you choose to make one of the squares bigger than the next, it will be considered the one to be emphasized.


  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Categories and tools are easily found.
  • iPiccy is available online for free and doesn’t require downloads.
  • For the majority of features, you don’t need an account with a user.
  • Upload pictures in bulk to facilitate editing access.
  • It’s a full editing tool. iPiccy includes a wide range of tools, both basic and advanced, to edit and create collages and graphics with an interface


  • It is required to have a user account to use certain tools. Curves, as well as Clone Tool, are examples.
  • The only JPEG and PNG formats work with iPiccy. 
  • It is not possible to design your layout using collages (but you can use the designer mode in lieu).
  • The only way to share your work directly from the editor onto other social platforms can be via Facebook (no alternative platforms will be supported.)
  • There are only two formats that can be used to save your photos: JPEG and PNG.

iPiccy alternative online photo editor

  • PicMonkey
  • Befunky
  • Pixlr
  • FotoJet
  • Photopea
  • piZap
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Fotor


Final Word

This photo editing tool is one of the best online photo editing tools. This will edit your gate perfectly. IPiccy photo edit tool is for you when you are looking for any free online tools to edit your photos. We have discussed all its advantages above. You can use this tool. This is great.

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