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It’s a Picsart photo editor that is popular. The Picsart online image editor offers the largest collection of tools created to help you realize your maximum capabilities in the realm of art. Since there’s an artist in every person and using the capabilities of Picsart at your disposal, there’s no limit on what you can accomplish using it. Explore and create the images you’ve always wanted to make and make your mark on all of the people around you.

What is Picsart photo editor?

Picsart image editor can be among the top image editing applications available for Android devices on the Play Store. The next-level editor has various tools that let you bring your photos to life through editing their creativeness. When you click on one of the images, you may begin by applying filters using the menu for tools, creating collages with various images and clicking photos using the camera’s built-in stickers, and more.

Features of Picsart photo editor

  • Photo editor: Picsart is the ideal photo editor to do the task. Batch Editor allows you to process more images. Fast. It doesn’t matter if you want to increase the size of images, change or remove backgrounds, or even create stickers to be used in future designs. You’ll be able to accomplish all of it by editing multiple images at the same time. This is the primary aspect of this application.
  • Background Remove: You did a photo shoot in such a place. Your background is not your choice. But there is no reason to do so. Because in this App, you can easily remove the background from your photo. And you can make your photo more beautiful.
  • Add Text: This Picsart web-based photo editor will assist you in telling your story. Make use of the Text Editor tool to harness powerful words with images and convey your message in a clear and loud way. It is equipped to make inspiring edits, wise words, and clear assertions.
  • Photo effects & filters: Just one click to turn photos from ordinary to stunning. Picsart offers a full suite of filters and photo effects that can transform your images into masterpieces. This is a fantastic aspect of Picsart.
  • Social Media Graphics Design: Give your social media accounts a fresh look by using custom Picsart templates. There are professionally designed templates that come in all sizes and shapes. You can personalize templates for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any platform.

How to edit photos in Picsart Online Photo Editor?

Step 1: Open the Picsart online editor. Here is the official link:

picsart photo editor

Step 2: Select your canvas size from the list of presets.

Step 3: Click Upload to use your own image(s), then select your photo from your gallery. And click Open.

Step 4: After the photo is uploaded, click on the photo.

Step 5: You can edit your photos by clicking the Adjust tool. And you can balance these tools properly

Step 6: You can customize your photo by clicking on the effect tools to apply different effects.

picsart photo editor 3

Step 7: Now click on Text Tools to add text to the photo. And select the text style of your choice.

Step 8: Click on the color tools to change the color of the text and click on the color you want to apply to your text.

Step 9: You can use shadows in the text to make the text more interesting. For this, you click on the shadow tool. Then you can give shadow in the color of your choice.

picsart photo editor 4

Step 10: When the photo editing is done. You can click Import to save the photo. After that, your photo will be saved in the gallery by clicking on download with your required requisition.

picsart photo editor 4


  • A fantastic community of people sharing their work
  • There’s a sharing and giving spirit
  • The stickers and photo editing are incredible.
  • Easy to use
  • Many effects


  • None


Final Word

PicsArt Photo Editor is, without a doubt the most viewed application for editing photos to produce special effects. Through the Picsart App, anyone can edit like a professional without the hassles associated with professional editing applications. Suppose you’re looking for a simple photo editing program that allows you to combine two images, add cute stickers and cool effects, and create stunning appearances. In that case, PicsArt Editor is the best application for you. It’s incredibly simple to use and comes with incredible features and tricks to produce photos you’ll be proud to show off.

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