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A Touch of Nostalgia with JS Paint

It’s hard to escape software nostalgia. Something is soothing about using the software that dominated your childhood. However, a different kind of tyranny drives computers. Which software of the past works with modern computers?  Next to none.

The nostalgia for software like Microsoft Paint is unlike any other. It’s a part of this generation’s cultural genealogy. Unfortunately, the interface of Microsoft Paint has little resemblance to its predecessors. It doesn’t tap into childhood memories as other tools do.

Nostalgia makes you long for simpler times. It’s not just about the classical Microsoft Paint. It’s about the good times associated with it. That’s why Microsoft didn’t have a lot of luck stripping the simple graphics editor away from its interface.

Microsoft Paint might be a relic of the past, but it’s a relic that needs to be shipped here. Enthusiastic fans have protested against its absence. Well, their words have been heard. JS Paint was constructed as a result.

There are plenty of free images and graphic editing software available. However, nothing comes close to Paint. JS Paint may be a basic option, but it gets the job done. That’s enough for the general population.

What is JS Paint?

JS Paint is a free cloud-based reincarnation of Microsoft Paint. However, the graphical interface is not bombarded with all the sinister tools of technology. Instead, JS Paint helps make easy digital art. It’s equipped with the standard set of digital paint brushes and tools.

An ordinary individual with no extraordinary talent can create visual masterpieces. All it takes is a few swoops and clicks. You can make a configuration of shapes in no time. Fill it with a multitude of colors, and voila! You prepared a work of art.

You can use this basic but popular image editor across all operating systems and devices. It provides a rich experience with its layer support and extensions. This platform helps you create versatile images with just a few clicks.

This ultra-basic graphics program was once included with all versions of Windows. The files were usually saved as Windows bitmap, JPEG, GIF, or PNG. JS Paint works the same way, except you can access it with any cellular device.

JS Paint even has a drag and drop feature. You can add images from the local interface on the browser window. It automatically loads right afterward. This feature allows you to work with numerous images simultaneously.

Much like Microsoft Paint, you can click on the tools on the sidebar to use them. The menu on the top helps you make the necessary modifications. For example, you can save the images from the File option. You can also print or upload the photos directly.

Something is endearing about JS Paint. It’s a digital art tool that requires no training. However, it’s missing one feature. You can’t immediately set the image as wallpaper. Instead, you need to save your drawing based on your screen’s dimensions first.

Features of JS Paint

  • The older versions of Windows were the golden years of Microsoft Paint. You had two things, and that’s all that was needed- a toolbox and a color box. However, a couple of more features wouldn’t hurt. So that’s why the cross-platform JS Paint was built.
  • JS Paint is used to draw, color, and edit pictures. You can also import images from a digital camera and edit them. You can save your creations in all the standard formats, including .jpg and .bmp.
  • You can paint by dragging the mouse over the canvas. You can also use different types of artistic brushes. There is even a multitude of pen types. With JS Paint, you can even add a watercolor or oil paint effect.
  • To make it feel like you’re painting, the brush tends to run out of paint after a certain amount of time. So you need to put it back into color. It’s almost as if you’re doing a real-time painting.
  • ]Other features ]in JS paint include the pencil, brush, and airbrush tools. You can also add texts, shapes, and lines of different thicknesses. You’ll also find an eraser, magnifier, and fill color tools.
  • JS Paint also comes with unlimited undo and redos. This process is also nonlinear. The redos are discarded. A branch is created in the history tree instead. Most importantly, a backup of your image is immediately added. However, it’s just one backup. So make sure to save in regular intervals.
  • You can also edit transparent images. Go to the Image option and click on Attributes. You’ll find the Transparent option there. Modern users will also like the dark mode! There are other themes to switch to.

How to Edit a Photo in JS Paint?

JS Paint works the same way Microsoft Paint does. Go to the website – https://jspaint.app/ and work on the blank canvas that appears. You’ll find a multitude of tools on the toolbars. Or, you can select a picture file and edit it.

The picture you choose will now appear in the window. You can use the tools to edit the image in different ways. Here’s what you can do:

Edit colors:

Choose a color from the palette from the home tab. You can use brushes or pens for the desired effect. You can even use the color dropper to apply paint to images or shapes.

You can even make a custom palette with your go-to colors. Go to the edit colors option and click on the ones you want to add. Press “Add to Custom Colors” and save. Voila! You have your palette.

Select areas and edit:

Use the Select button and choose a shape to work with. It works like a snipping tool. You can go free-form or rectangular. Drag the cursor on the image and select the portions you want to work with.

Add text:

Use the text button to create a text box. Then, you can use the voice recognition feature to dictate the texts. Or, you can manually format the texts.

You can modify the images in some ways. For example, check the ribbon to see how you can stretch the image or flip it around. You can also adjust the size of the image.

Final tip: Don’t forget to save your work regularly!

Pros of Using JS Paint

●      The user interface is easy to understand and use.

●      You can manage numerous JS Paint accounts simultaneously.

●      The performance is seamless on Google Chrome.

●      There are numerous keyboard shortcuts you can use.

Cons of Using JS Paint

●      The editing feels a little slow with a poor internet connection.

●      The left toolbar cannot be docked with some Mac interfaces.

●      New users have to go through a steep learning curve.

●      You need to input the canvas size every time you log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about JS Paint.

Final Word

JS Paint is a web-based editor that mimics MS paint. It looks exactly like its predecessor. However, it comes with a multitude of benefits that differ from the original interface. It comes with three toolbars with self-explanatory functions.

Users familiar with MS Paint should face no trouble with JS Paint. Any issue that arises can usually be tackled. There is also a detailed Help section. It comes with numerous tips and shortcuts that sort out the most common queries.

In this version, you can find endless undo and redo. You can also work with transparent images and create basic GIFs. Most importantly, you can use this on your cell phone.  There’s also multi-user support that allows someone else to edit your work.

JS Paint is an intuitive, user-friendly interface with pleasant surprises all over. It’s the old Paint in the modern era. There’s still some work to do. However, it came a long way. Work with JS paint and enjoy simple efficiency.

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