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In this world full of the internet, the majority of people used social media on a daily basis such as Facebook, photo-sharing platform Instagram & most other social platforms, and people love to upload the good picture on their social media,

With this growing trend of social media, good photo editing software is also on-demand. People love to edit their pictures to look good, and the advertisement has a lot of dominance on social media, so for creating the social media ads post & for creating the content post, social media graphics, people used the all in one editing software, in this article we’ll talk about a similar type of software known as Picmonkey, Picmonkey is the all in one powerful photo editing software, here we’ll look all the aspects of Picmonkey, all the features, pros & cons of software & how to edit a photo using the Picmonkey, most important faqs & in the last conclusion.

What is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is the powerful photo editing & graphic designing software that allows you to edit the picture & create social media graphics that are easily accessible from a web browser, mobile app & it is available on android & ios also.

Picmonkey allows photo editing tools such as edit, cut, crop, color balance, multiple effects, filters & many more other tools.

It is also used for designing multiple kinds of templates for wedding inventions, gift cards, thanks cards, sorry cards, business cards & many more things. You can create all of these things in a couple of minutes, and it is easy to use & so user-friendly.

It comes with a free trial for seven days as well as a paid plan. The paid plan is also divided into three categories, which are basic, Pro & for business. The basic plan pricing is $7.99/month, the pro plan pricing is $12.99/month & the business plan pricing is $23/month.

The free version users can access most of the editing tools & features on the website & mobile app, but the user who has a subscription-based premium version of Picmonkey can access the advanced tool & features with Picmonkey cloud storage, direct photo sharing on Facebook, Instagram & other social media platforms.

There is no doubt that Picmonkey is one of the best platforms for content creators & small startups. Picmoneky has millions of unique monthly users.

Features of PicMonkey

Picmonkey is coming with a lot of features for the better comfort of their user. Picmonkey is available in free as well as the basic, Pro & business subscription-based plans, now here we’ll look at all the features of both free & subscription-based Picmonkey software.

Features of Free plan of Picmonkey

It comes with some basic features, which are given below.

  1. It contains the effects such as a color amp, sequoia, Tucson, black & white & many more.
  2. Comes with some basic filter
  3. It contains the tool such as background color, crop, resizes, rotate, color changer, exposure.
  4. Customizable graphics generally we used it for social media post & for creating social media ads post.
  5. A touch-up feature which is used to remove blemishes, change hair color, teeth whitening, get new eye color, eye shadow & a lot of others.
  6. Multiple style cutouts and frames.
  7. Text with different text layouts & amazing fonts.
  8. Drawing & brushes.

Features of the Basic plan of Picmonkey

  1.  Gb cloud storage
  2.  Image download feature in Jpeg & png format.
  3.  A huge number of top-tier fonts.
  4. Advanced touch-up tools.
  5. Primo effects
  6. Add video & trimming of video.
  7. Texture
  8. Help & support contain the help articles for understanding Picmonkey.

Features of the Pro plan of Picmonkey

  1. Unlimited cloud storage.
  2. Image download option in Jpeg, png, or in pdf format.
  3. Trim videos features
  4. Background removal tools in just one click.
  5. Animation tools
  6. Stock photos
  7. Email support for customers.
  8. Allows you to upload your own fonts.
  9. Contain one brand kit for brand colors and fonts, logos.
  10. Smart resize
  11. Over 8000 vector graphics
  12. 3000 new design templates
  13. Collaboration tools that contain the real-time with others, share files through email and links and leave comments.
  14. Autosave features.
  15. Slideshow maker
  16. Video collage
  17. Video templates to create a moving design.
  18. Search hub and tag file
  19. Animated gif graphics
  20. Mobile cutout.
  21. More outline tool option.
  22. Layer locking.

Features of the Business plan of pic monkey

  1. It contains all the features that are included in the pro plan of Picmonkey, as well as it contains some other additional features; let’s look at features.
  2. Unlimited storage
  3. Contain multiple brand kits for brand colors and fonts, logos.
  4. Here we can manage the files by searchable tags.
  5. Real-time co-editing features it is basically used for teamwork.
  6. Contains the folders for sharing work.
  7. We can able to gather feedback from the editor by commenting.
  8. Customer Email Support.

Pros and Cons

Picmonkey is a great powerful tool, but every tool in the software has its own pros and cons, here we’ll look at the pros and cons of Picmonkey.


  1. Picmonkey is easy to use,
  2. Picmonkey has a bunch of templates which is updated with time.
  3. The app & website gets regular updates to become the better version of it.
  4. Innovative & creative
  5. Good UI/UX
  6. A variety of fonts is available.


  1.  The downloading picture is not available in the free plan.
  2. No video editing in the free version.
  3. Its subscription plan is so costly for an individual customer, content creators.
  4. Most of the features are not included in the basic plan as well.
  5. This software does not provide any good & advanced features for the free plans, compared to other editing software that provides the advanced tool in the free plan.
  6. Not going to replace photoshop.
  7. After payment, there is no money-back guarantee.

How to edit photos using Picmonkey?

  1. For editing the photo using Picmonkey, first, open the website of Picmonkey & signup on the website using the google account or email id.
  2. Now click on the edit new image & select the photo from your computer.
  3. After selecting the photo, this kind of interface will open on the top side of the screen. There are options of templates, collage for creating the collage post, themes, smart resize, graphics, draw tools, download button.
  4. On the left side of the screen, there are multiple tools such as background removal, textures, effects, touch-up, frames, reposition the image, replace the image, color & many more.
  5. First, we resize and crop the image using the crop tool under the edit tab placed on the left side.
  6. After that, we will add some filters and effects to the photo.
  7. After that, we’ll add some frames to our photos.
  8. Now, after that, we’ll add some color to our photo & some text on the photo with some awesome fonts.
  9. Now, after that all the process is done, we can download the edited photo by clicking on the download button on the screen.


Final words

From this article, you will get all the required knowledge about Picmonkey editing software. Hope you understand all the processes of editing & how to use Picmonkey and all of these things, as well as the features of the software and the pros and cons of the software. Still, if you have any doubt, feel free to comment below. We will surely get back to you.

Thank you for reading.

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