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In this article, we will look at Fotor, all the aspects of Fotor. Fotor is a powerful photo editing tool. We’ll learn about Fotor features, pros, and cons of this powerful editing software, & how to edit photos using Fotor, and most important, faqs & many more.

That will help you with a better understanding of the Fotor online editor.

What is Fotor?

Fotor is the online & simplest all-in-one photo powerful editing tool used mainly by content creators, graphic designers,s and photo editors. It allows you to do most things such as editing photos, creating graphics, making photo collages online, and producing high-quality designs quickly in a matter of minutes. It allows most of the significant high-quality editing features with the RAW file processing and patented HDR technologies which are available in most versions. Including mobile also.

Fotor has millions of users, and it is globally accessible. Fotor is user-friendly & it is available in most browsers as well as in every significant mobile from android to Ios & desktop.

The Fotor gets regular updates & advanced features for a better version of it. It enables the uploading and sharing of editing images on all major social media platforms. It included many features such as regular up-to-date templates, effects and filters, background removal, enhancement tools & more. We will look at it in the Fotor features topic.

Features of Fotor

Fotor comes with a lot of features for the comfort of its users. By applying these features, you can make an eye-catching post.

Fotor allows the photo editor, graphic designing, to design the best graphics by using the customizable free templates and gives permission to make awesome collages by using a free stylish layout & free stock images.

We’ll look at some popular and powerful features of Fotor on this topic.

  1. Photo editor contains a lot of tools such as photo enhancement tools.
  2. Foto contains ready-to-use templates such as templates for mobile wallpaper, Facebook post, blog title, ticket, email header, book cover, Twitter header, certificates, and more.
  3. Basic editing tools such as crop, straighten, resize.
  4. Fotor contains various types of effects included AI photo effects, tilt-shift, cool effects, funky effects, blur effects.
  5. Beauty tools contain photo retouching, wrinkle remover, photo reshaping, red-eye remover, blemish remover, teeth whitening.
  6. Photo collage editing contains collage maker, funky & awesome collages, photo stitching, artistic collage, and many more things.
  7. Background-remover to remove the background of the image with a few clicks. And to get a clean transparent background.
  8. Fotor contains various kinds of Photo frames, it gives the perfect touch to your pics. Photo frames such as vintage, cute, organic, funky, simple.
  9. Color splash,  unique lomo photo effect.
  10. Photo mosaic art and effects, It is used to blur and hide some parts of the image that you don’t want to show in public.
  11. HDR technology.
  12. Text tool with a wide range of awesome fonts.

Pros and Cons 

Fotor is a powerful editing tool that includes a lot of features and many more, but every Software has its own pros and cons. In this topic, we’ll look at the pros and cons of Fotor.


  1. By using Fotor is very easy to edit the photo in a matter of minutes within a few clicks.
  2. It allows the patented HDR technologies that improve the quality of the photo and edited images.
  3. It allows cool features for social media post-editing and for banner editing and faces editing.
  4. It’s not too complicated to understand. It is very easy to use and user-friendly.
  5. It is a great platform for the conversion of Raw files.
  6. Fotor has a pre-installed filter.


  1. Contain lots of Ads in the accessible version of Fotor in mobile and web apps.
  2. It is an excellent platform for photo editing but not for creating advanced photos from scratch.
  3. It is a great platform, but it is not going to replace lightroom and photoshop.
  4. It does not save the work. When during the editing work, if anyhow the application is closed by mistake, every work is lost.
  5. It does not provide the full-featured trial version compared to the other editing software that provides the full features.

How to edit a photo on Fotor?

For editing the Photos using Fotor, first, click on on your favorite browser if you want to use Fotor online. Instead, you can also use it on mobile through the app. in this article, we’ll look at how to edit the photo online in our browser using Fotor.

  1. Click on in the browser.
  2. Now according to your need, you can select from this option. If you want to edit a photo, click the edited photo, and if you can also select the create a design for creating the social media post, banner, header, and amazing design & for making the collages select the make a collage. Now here we click the edit the photo; after that, the Fotor page gets open.
  3. After that, select the photo from your computer you want to edit and drop this image here.
  4. Now in the enhancement tool, we will enhance the photo using such as color, rotate, crop. We’ll crop this image using the Crop tool and will add some color effects.
  5. Now we’ll look at the effects option. Inside the effects panel, we have a lot of options to apply a quick filter. Here are a lot of filters from classic to vintage, retro & a lot more. We can add this filter very easily by clicking on the filter in a matter of seconds. In the effects panel, there are more options such as color splash, lens flare, and pixelate. Some other tool that allows for painting on the top of your image & adding more effects via a painting by adjusting the brush on the image.
  6. The next panel is the beauty panel. This is used for a portrait of the image that contains the wrinkler remover, blush, generally used for face editing.
  7. Moving down, there is a frame panel. By using a frame panel, we can add the frame to our image.
  8. After that, we can add some text by using the text tool if we want. After all the work is done, we can simply download edited work by clicking the save button. Instead, you can also export the image on social media by using the export button.
  9. Now, for creating the collages tab click on the make a collage, and we can simply drag and drop the image from the computer to the awesome collages template. It is very easy to create collages.


Final Words

From this article, you will get all the required knowledge about Fotor editing software. I hope you understand all the processes of editing & how to use Fotor and all of these things and the features of the Software and the pros and cons of the Software.

Still, if you have any doubt, feel free to comment below. We will surely get back to you.

Thank you for reading.

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