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Birme: Bulk Image Resizing Made Easy

Are you looking for an online-based free-to-use image resizing tool? BIRME is a batch image resizer that is both versatile and simple to use. It has the capability of resizing your photographs to any precise dimension and cropping them proportionally if required. Because it is an online application, there is no need to install or download anything on your computer. BIRME is a completely free service to use. This article is going to discuss everything in detail about Birme.

What is Birme?

Birme is the short form of Bulk Image Resizing Made Easy. It is an online or web-based tool that is mainly used to resize any image. This amazing tool is totally free to use, and you don’t have to register or make an account to access this tool. Sometimes we have to resize many images at the same time. With this tool, you can resize multiple images together very easily and without any hassle.

There are two versions of this bulk picture resizer: version 1 and version 2, which are the most recent. Both versions allow you to resize many photographs at the same time, rather than having to do it one at a time. It has the capability of resizing your photographs to any precise dimension and cropping them proportionally if required.

Features of Birme

Here is some of the amazing feature of this image resizing tool.

Free and easy to use

This excellent image resizer tool is totally free to use. Although it is free to use the tool, it is excellently functional as well as an effective tool. You don’t have to create an account or register to use this online based tool. It also has no limitation to resizing the image; that means you can resize as many as the image you want.

This online photo resizer tool comes with a simple user interface that is very easy to control. Just drag and drop or browse images, set the size, and get the outcome. You can easily set the size, border size, and color, Watermark as well as other things. Everything is too simple and easy as well as time-saving.

Save Storage

There is a significant disadvantage to using resizing software in that all of the software alternatives must be installed, and some firms’ security rules are quite rigorous, requiring many levels of management clearance before a program can be deployed.

This tool is an online-based tool, that’s means you don’t have to download and install anything to use this amazing tool. It will save your device’s storage and don’t affect the device’s overall performance. Just open a browser and enter the Birme Official Website and then start your task.

Bulk Image Resizer

One of the best features and functionality of this image resizer is that it can resize a lot of images at a time, a bulk image resizer tool. BIRME is a batch image resizer that is both versatile and simple to use. It has the capability of resizing your photographs to any precise dimension and cropping them proportionally if required. It will save your time because if you resize images one by one, this will take a longer time to resize a lot of images.

birme Bulk Image Resizer

Auto Focal Detection

Some sections of a picture will be taken off when it is cropped to fit your preferred size or aspect ratio. The tough aspect is deciding which parts to crop and which to keep. Autofocus detection aids in determining which areas of a picture are essential.

Smart crop, a wonderful Javascript package, is used for autofocus detection. The essential section of a picture, in general, contains more contour lines than that of the backdrop. BIRME analyzes your shot and guesses which area is “messy,” retaining that part while cropping away the tranquil surroundings.

Works with all Device

One of the major problems with Photoshop or its equivalents is that each version is designed to suit certain operating systems and versions. Moreover, you will not be able to use this type of software on your smartphone. Moreover, they have problems working smoothly in a low-configuration machine.

Birme, on the other hand, is a resizing tool that can work with any device. As it is a web-based tool, it is possible to access this tool with a device that has a web browser. You will be able to access this tool and resize images across all devices from desktop to smartphone.

How to resize a photo in birme?

It is very easy to resize any king of an image in Birme. After completing some easy steps, you will get an amazing outcome. So, to resize an image in Birme, follow this step-by-step guideline:

Step 01: Open any browser and go to the official website of Birme. You can use any device like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, and any web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Bing, Microsoft Edge, etc.

birme official website

Step 02: After getting access to the tool, you will find a very simple interface here. So now click on the “Browse from Your computer” and select the targeted image you want to resize.

Step 03: After selecting the targeted image click Open and then the image will open in Birme. Now enter the size that you want to make, and then define the size and color of the border if you want to make the border in the image.

resize a photo in birme

You can also enable Auto Width or Auto Height option as well as Watermark and Image format and quality. And the most important thing is to set Rename to the file. It doesn’t matter what is named the file, but you have to include XXX with the file name, Like Photo-xxx.

birme image rename

Step 04: After inputting each and every data properly, your file is ready to download. Just click “Save File” to download the resized image.

brime save image after editing

To make this task easier, here is a video tutorial that you can follow:

Add Video coming…

PROS and CONS of Birme


  • It is a free and easy-to-use resizing tool
  • It Can resize multiple images at a time
  • It works with every browser and device
  • This online-based tool is totally safe to use


  • Quality may vary depending on the image and resize


Final Word

If you are looking for a batch image resizer tool, then you should go for Birme. It is a web-based free image resizer that is able to resize a lot of images at a time. This tool is easy to use as well as saves your time since it works very fast. And it eliminated the downloading and installing problem that saves your device’s storage. So, you should consider this tool if you are seeking an online base bulk photo resizer; it will never disappoint you.

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