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Edit your photos fast and effortlessly, with an outstanding finish because of FotoramIo. The entire editor provides exposure round, color blur, sharpness texture, vignettes, frames, etc.

Don’t let yourself be in the dark about editing! You can also use the collage tabs. Here you can make fun combinations of your images and art style. Your photos are automatically altered with amazing styles from more than 30 styles to choose from Comic, anime abstract, full-color, and more.

What is Fotoramio?

Fotoramio is an internet-based tool for editing photos, making it easy for novice users to alter the appearance of their photos and make beautiful and appealing collages.

Upload the photo you’d like to edit from your computer or access it via Facebook after connecting your Facebook account to the application. You can find all the necessary tools within the three-layered menu located at the bottom of the screen.

The app offers a variety of important editing options such as Resize, Crop, and Rotate. You can adjust the exposure, the hue, and intensity to suit your needs and add blur, vignette, and even remove any sound easily.

There are a variety of effects and filters that you can pick from to change the appearance of your photo and a variety of textures, such as Bokeh, Retro, Gradient, and more. Fotoramio offers distinct borders, as well as several amazing clipart and stickers for your photos.

You can share your design via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr without difficulty once you’re done with your design, or save it to your hard drive. The app is accessible for iOS as well as Android devices.

Features of Fotoramio

  • Basic Photo Editing Tools: For quick editing of photos, This toolkit is ideal for cropping images, resizing them or flipping, changing brightness and contrast round corners, altering the hue of colors, blurring photos, putting them in the vignette, the effect of a vignette, as well as other tools that assist you in quickly editing your photos.
  • Photo Filters, Effectsand Overlays: Do you want a picture with a distinctive design? You can use an array of filters for photos and overlays to create a photo with an unorthodox design. An array of textures and settings can help you get the most optimal result and delight in working with your editor.
  • Add FramesTextand Clipart: Use a set of photo frames of various styles and shapes. Add text with unique fonts and many cliparts, making the picture hilarious.
  • Create Photo Collages: Make collages using a wide variety of layouts, and then use advanced settings to alter the look. Making collages is simple: upload the images into the layout, change the images if required, change the color of the border, or include an image background. You also, if you wish, can include text or clipart in the collage.
  • Photo to Art: This fantastic tool built on neural networks can allow you to transform your picture into a photo of famous artists in just a couple of minutes. The filters come in a variety of artistic styles and are based on paintings of famous artists. Don’t pass up the opportunity to be closer to the art of painting!

How to edit a photo in Fotoramio? 

You can modify the filter you have under your image to increase or decrease the saturation.

1. Go to the Fotoramio website: and start the editor. Click the icon with the arrow to upload your picture to the online service. Run “Windows Explorer

edit a photo in Fotoramio 1

2. Locate a photo on your hard drive on your PC. Highlight it using your left click. Click “Open.”

edit a photo in Fotoramio 2

3. In the lower panel, select the effect that you prefer.

4. The service image is processed. Then rate the result. If you’d like, choose another style or alter the saturation of the filter using the slider below the image.

edit a photo in Fotoramio 3

5. Click “Save” on the upper panel to download the completed artwork onto your computer.

edit a photo in Fotoramio 4

6. Image format (JPG or PNG), select image quality. Then, in the box for text inputs, type the file’s name. Then, click on the green. The image will then boot the computer.

edit a photo in Fotoramio 5

7. If you’d like to share photos on your tweet, click “Share.” Add the comment and hit “Send the tweet to Twitter.”

edit a photo in Fotoramio 6

8. Use the username and password you obtained from your Twitter account. Twitter as well as confirm that the post has been published.


  • It’s totally free.
  • There are many options available to edit your images and create collages.
  • “Art style” sections and the “Art style” section finish with some of the most beautiful images on a photo editing application.
  • It is available on mobile devices.


  • It comes with the usual annoying ads that are typical of Google Ads.


Final Word

Fotoramio offers a collection of web-based, free photo editing applications such as collage maker, photo editor maker, and art picture maker. It is crucial for them that their processing process of editing is made as simple and enjoyable as possible. So, their software is developed with love and care for details, and it’s completely free. Fotoramio is available for desktop computers and mobile browsers to allow you to use our editors across any device. You can create a fun combination of your images as well as the artwork. Your images are automatically changed by stunning styles that span over 30 designs to choose from Comic abstract, anime full-color, and much more.

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