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With the growing world, the trend of social media, content creating, memes, social media marketing is increasing day by day & the social media industry is on the boom.

Along with photography, photo editing or graphic designing are also on height. In social media marketing, the most important thing is an eye-catching post that provides the best content & a lot of people also love to post their good photos on social media. For that, there is more demand for a good photo editor.

The content creators & graphic designers used a lot of photo editors on a daily basis.

Here we’ll talk about such a powerful photo editor named Pizap. We’ll talk about the features, pros, and cons of the software, and also we’ll look at how to edit photos using the Pizap & in last the most important the faqs and conclusion.

What is piZap?

Pizap is the most powerful photo editor, collage maker & design software available in the browser as well as in the form of an app in android and ios both. Pizap is so easy to use with a good user interface & free to use.

It allows you to create a photo collage, best design and it contains more than 1000 professional design that helps you to create best funny, creative photos & also contains the best free templates that used to create posters, Instagram, Facebook post and a Facebook cover page, Twitter header, classic memes, logos, flyers, ios app icon, phone wallpaper, holiday cards, and a lot of things.

Pizap comes in two plans, one is totally free to use & another one is a subscription-based known as Pizap pro that comes with a lot of advanced features, great fonts, advanced filters, stickers, higher quality image save, editing tools, border, ads-free editing & priority customer support.

Pizap pro allows a 7-day free trial.

After signup, you have to put in your card details for getting the 7-day free trial. After seven days, the payment is automatically deducted from your account. The Pizap pro plan pricing is $9.99/ month billed monthly and $ 4.99USD/month billed annually, which is $5.99/year.

Features of piZap

Pizap is coming with a lot of features; here, we’ll look at all the great features of Pizap.

  1. Basic and advanced editing tools such as crop, paste, rotate & flip.
  2. Amazing fonts included such as Arial, blooming grow, basic, corporate,& a lot more.
  3. Effects and filters tool included a couple of features such as auto-fix, classic, light fix filters, and a lot of other features.
  4.  Free stock images contain thousands of free images in terms of background/pattern, memes, mountains, love, wedding, thanksgiving, space, flags, and a lot of images.
  5.  Face touchup allows teeth whitening, eye tint, airbrush, wrinkle fix, spray tan, and more.
  6.  Borders contain the custom, basic, overlays, and a lot of other borders.
  7.  Graphics tools contain different shapes and icons such as social media icons, classic memes, sparkles, and arrows, and others.
  8. Direct sharing to social media tools allows you to share your edited work directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
  9.  Paint and brush, blur by using it, we can add handwritten text, doodles to our photos.
  10. Straighten tool for image
  11. Enhancement tool
  12. High-quality image saving.
  13. Revision control
  14. Social media templates
  15. More than 1000 designs
  16. Collage templates
  17. Customer support
  18. Allows the creation of folders
  19. Meme maker

Pros and Cons of piZap

Pizap is a great powerful tool, but every software has its pros and cons, here we’ll look at the pros and cons of Pizap.


  1. Free ready templates for use. Lots of templates for the social media platforms.
  2. Easy drag & drop. It is the best tool for beginners.
  3. Free to use with a lot of tools.
  4. Easy to apply filters and effects in just a few clicks.
  5. The search bar helps you to search for stickers and stock images.


  1. No autosave feature
  2. It has lots of ads in the free plan.

How to Edit photo Using the piZap?

  1. We can edit the photos using Pizap in the browser as well as on the phone. Here we’ll edit photos in the browser. For that, first, we have to open the browser and type “Pizap.com” after that site will open now for using the software; there is a need to signup & if you do not have an account, then create a new account using email id.
  2.  After that, this kind of interface will open. Here are options such as.
    • Edit photo
    • Photo collage
    • Blank canvas
    • Touch up
  3. For editing of the photos, click on edit photo and select the photos from the computer. Here we are able to select the photos from the direct computer, Facebook & dropbox.
  4. After selecting the photo from the computer, this kind of interface will open. There are more tools icons are seen on the screen.
  5. On the left side of the screen, there are more tools placed vertically such as basic, filter, graphic, touchup, text, cutout, border, and paint tool are placed & in the top, there is the crop, rotate, flip, save the image, share buttons & icons are present.
  6. First, we’ll do some basic edits on our image, such as crop our image using the crop tool & resize tool.
  7. After cropping the image now, we’ll add filters to our image.
  8. After that now we’ll add some graphics to our image. In the graphics tab, we can add different types of cutouts and stickers; here, we’ll add some sparkles.
  9. After that now we’ll add some text to our image with funky fonts.
  10. The text we are adding looks very good. Now we’ll add a border to our image. let’s see
  11. Now, after all the work is done, we’ll save our image by clicking the save button on the top. We are able to save it in standard quality in jpeg & png format. Higher quality image saving is present in subscription-based Pizap pro.
  12. To use the Pizap on mobile, you have to first download Pizap from the play store for android and the app store for ios. Pizap has 1o million downloads in the google play store. After downloading, open the Pizap, allowing access to photos, media & files on your device.
  13. This kind of interface will be open; now, here, you can start editing with the great tool of Pizap.


Final words

From this article, you will get all the required knowledge about Pizap photo editing software. I hope you understand all the processes of editing & how to use Pizap and all of these things, as well as the features of the software and the pros and cons of the software.

Still, if you have any doubt, feel free to comment below. We will surely get back to you.

Thank you for reading.

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