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Canva: A versatile Photo Editing Tool

Canva is one of the most popular as well as reliable online Photo Editing and graphic design tool that you should check out. It may be used for a variety of tasks ranging from simple picture editing to developing social media photos, posters, and other documents. This online-based editing tool has both free and premium versions, as well as excellent customer service and support. Entrepreneurs, as well as marketers, would like the positive design experience it provides.

What is Canva Photo Editor?

Most users think of Adobe Photoshop as a tool for picture creation, but it is more than that. Design anything from printable to PDFs to bills to flyers to graphics to websites, as well as everything in between! Canva is an excellent photo editing and design tool for everyone who isn’t an expert designer and wants to create something beautiful.

Depending on your level of expertise, you may either start again from scratch or use one of their templated approaches. For small company owners, internet entrepreneurs, and marketers who need to create things fast, Canva is the perfect option. It is available in web form as well as applications for smartphones and desktop computers.

Features of Canva

An Excellent Editing Tool

Canva is a great online design tool. It may be used to create simple picture changes, social media graphics, posters, and papers. It offers so many features and costs just $12.95 a month. There’s also a substantial free plan and excellent customer service. It is designed for entrepreneurs as well as marketers. Canva is an excellent tool for creating and sharing marketing material.

Accessibility Features

Canva’s user settings include significant language accessibility choices. When you pick a language from the hundreds available, the interface text changes to that language. Also, you may utilize the correct character sets while inserting text and choosing fonts. Canva’s only other noticeable accessibility functionality is requiring a modulator key for single-key customizations. This option is also in Settings.

Templates and Designs 

Canva features over 8,000 templates for over a hundred different design kinds. Anything marked with a crown or a dollar symbol indicates a premium feature. Are you unsure whether templates are available for free and what are not? Fortunately, Canva has lots of designs to choose from and drag-and-drop modification, which allows to personalize them.

Magic Resize Tool

Canva offers a variety of design templates based on the sort of project you’re working on. In the case of Instagram Stories, for example, you will only see themes that are particular to these sizes. A design may look great in one format, but what if customers like it in a different one? Magic Resize may help you do this. Resize any design with this premium-only function, which enables you to fit the length and width of your project exactly.

Free Version Available

One of the most outstanding features of Canva is that this tool has both free and premium versions. You may utilize 250000+ templates across 100+ design styles and personalize them to your heart’s content with Canva’s free version. Free users get access to a limited amount of stock pictures, stickers, and typefaces. You may, however, use Unsplash and Pixels to find photos and then submit them to Canva.

Storage Space with Canva

There will always be a limit to any free online service, just as there is for any paid service. Using Canva for this purpose is not out of the question. It is the difference between the free and premium plans in terms of storage capacity. You may obtain up to 5 GB of storage if you sign up for a free subscription. Unlimited storage is included with the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Canva Plans & Pricing

Canva comes with both free and premium versions. The free version offers 250000+ templates with 100+ designs and 5 GB of storage. The PRO plan offers 610000+ premium and free templates with 100+ premium stock photos at only 12.99 per month. This plan also has 100 brand kits with a lot of colors, logos, and fonts and also includes 100 GB of Storage. To access Enterprise pricing, you’ll need to get in touch with their sales staff and work out a plan that fits your company.

Canva Plans & Pricing

How to sign up or log in to Canva?

Sign Up to Canva

It is straightforward to sign up in Canva. All you need is a mail account. Canva also lets you sign up with Facebook Account. But most people think about the security of their Facebook account in terms of Log in with Facebook. If you are also, then you can sign up through your Mail Account. So, the process is below_

Step 01: Open any web browsing software and then go to the Canva.Com/SignUp. After entering the website, you will find three several options to sign up.

Sign Up to Canva

The first option is SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE which allows you allow to create an account with just a few clicks using your Gmail account That is linked with the Browser. The second option is SIGN UP WITH FACEBOOK which lets you create an account using your Facebook account. And the 3rd option is SIGN UP WITH EMAIL which lets you create an account with any type of mail like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.

Step 02: To create an account with your Gmail account, just click on the 1st option and then select or log in to your Gmail account. And then link the account with Canva.

If you are willing to sign up with Facebook, just click on the 2nd option and then log in to your Facebook account in the Browser and then link the account with Canva.

And to create an account with any Mail account, click on the 3rd option and then enter your Name, Mail Account, and Password and then click Get started. That’s it; you are now ready to use Canva.

Log in to Canva Photo Editor

Log in to Canva Photo Editor is also easier. There are four several options to log in to Canva. According to the Sign-Up process, you can log in to your Canva account. So, if you signed up using Google click Log in With Google Option. The exact process has to apply if you signed up using your Facebook account. If you are signed up with email, then enter your email and Canva password to log in to your Canva account.

How to download and install the Canva app for windows pc?

Although Canva is mainly a web-based photo editing tool, you can also download and install Canva App to your PC to work more quickly. It is straightforward to download and install the Canva application to the PC. If you are willing to download and install Canva software to your PC, follow the guideline below:

Step 01: Open any browsing software on your PC and then go to This Link. While you are entering this link, you will find an option named START DOWNLOAD to download the software. So, while you will click on the START DOWNLOAD, the downloading process will be started.

Canva for windows

Step 02: While the download process is completed, go to the file manager and then find out your downloaded file. After finding the file, double-click on the file to install it. The installation process will start whenever you double-click on the file, and the software installation will be completed within a maximum of 1 minute.

Step 03: After the software is installed, a new window will open asking you to register or log in. If you have a previous Canvas account, you can log in here. Or you can start working by creating a new account. Canvas lets you create an account for free.

After completing the registration or login, you can start your editing work. Canvas gives you the privilege of better photo editing for free. Finally, a summary of the task: Canva Download For PC > Install Canva > Register/login to Canva Account > Start your editing.

How to edit a photo in Canva photo editor?

Canva Photo Editor comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. So, you can edit the image with Canva easily. Canva allows you to upload an image and then edit the image with several editing functionalities. So, follow this step-by-step guideline to edit the image with Canva.

Step 01: Start Editing

To start editing with Canva, first of all, you have to select a page size. Canva will recommend you a lot of premade page sizes, and you can also start with a customized page size.

Canva create a design

Step 02: Import the Image

Now import the image that you want to edit. Click on the Upload Media Option and then select the targeted image and then click open.

Step 03: Resize and Remove Background

Resize Image: After opening your targeted image to the Canva, you can now resize the image depending on the purpose of the use. To resize the picture, click on the Resize Option and then enter the size that you need to make, and then click resize.

Canva Resize Image

Remove and Change Background: Removes the background from a picture; you can make your photo, product, or even selfie stand out. Canva Pro makes it simple to eliminate picture backgrounds with a single click. After removing the image background, you can apply several backgrounds from Canva.

Canva Remove and Change Background

Step 04: Apply Filters and Effects

Effects, filters, and adjustments may all be found in the same menu as cropping and flipping. You may use Adjust to make modest adjustments to the hue of your shot. If you’ve ever used a photo-editing program, you’ll recognize 20 of the filters on Canva.

canva Apply Filters and Effects

Step 05: Add Custom Elements

Canva is an editing and design tool at heart, even if it sometimes acts as a picture editor. Canva’s design tools are still available to you when altering a picture. When it comes to using Canva, this means that you may add components from the company’s collection, overlay text over your photographs or change their backgrounds, and more.

PROS and CONS of Canva


  • Design flow that is simple and intuitive
  • Aesthetic as well as adaptable Templates
  • A lot of colors, shapes, and icons are available
  • Create pro-looking social media post images
  • Canva helps you post photos to social networks


  • The image export option in Canva is limited
  • You can’t design elegant elements with Canva


Final Word

Canva is a low-cost, user-friendly design tool that allows you to create slick, aesthetically appealing designs for both personal and professional usage. It’s no surprise they’re so well-liked. Everything is drag-and-drop; no previous knowledge or even a design eye is required. Even with the free version, Canva’s templates are current and well-balanced, and there are many of them. All you have to do now is register and begin creating.

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