image by using the brush tool

How to make a youtube thumbnail using Photopea?

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Here is the example, If you want to build one youtube thumbnail. Step by step process how to edit. So, let’s start… First, go on a new project, select all the dimensions, and click create after. For adding the background image, we have to first go on file, and after clicking the open and place, [Read More…]

Is Photoshop Free

Is Photoshop Free? How to Get Photoshop For Free

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For decades, Photoshop was an industry standard for picture editing. Nothing is close to its capabilities or mobile app support. Despite the various options Photoshop offers, the Photoshop CC application is just unique. Adobe Photoshop is world-class imagery and design software at the foundation of every creative endeavor, from photo editing and composting to digital acrylics, animation, and graphic design. And [Read More…]

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